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Audiobooks: Top 7 Reasons to Create an Audiobook Today

The audiobook market is booming over the last few years.  Companies like ACX and Amazon are making it easier for any author to have their books produced into audio format for little to no up-front financial investment.

Audiobooks are growing in demand over the last decade as the internet and smart phones make it much more advantageous for people to have an audio version of their favorite books.  They are quickly replacing radio as the thing to do during your daily commute. 

I've made one. You can too.

Honestly, any novice writer who can string together a sentence or more could make a Kindle or Nook e-book in to a professional audio version and offer it for sale on a number of leading distribution networks.  Audible, an Amazon company, has helped turn many unknown authors into pioneers of the audiobook industry through their web site.

Audiobook StudioDo you have an audiobook?  In such a time that innovation seems to have actually taken over virtually every single facet of our day-to-day lives, yes, there is a huge market for professionally narrated works.  It is an style of audio that is mainly based upon spoken word.  Commonly based upon a recording of an already produced written book, it is usually not essentially a specific audio version of an author's writing.  Rather, audiobooks could be compared to the movie versions of books that turn to highly paid actors and studios.  

Spoken audio has been readily available in college and public libraries and to a lesser extent in music stores, however, it was not up until the 1980s that more established (and for profit) national retailers started taking an interest.  The passion of publishers in the area of spoken word brought about the birth of audio taped books which quickly gave way to CD versions as well.  It is a popular notion that the introduction of audiobooks in the marketplace did not spell the failure of its published ancestors, yet it did offer hassle-free improvements.  Then came the technology side of things and the medium took off in popularity.  Audiobooks certainly have tons of benefits.

Below are my Top 7 reasons why you should try audio converted books today:


1.  The top factor to consider would definitely be the financial element.  Audiobooks are typically both less expensive and easier to obtain in real time than the traditional written versions they are based upon.


2.  Have you ever before recalled your mothers and fathers reading tales to you when you were younger?  Well, audiobooks can grasp the content and feel with real actors, just like mom and dad tried to do all those years ago.  Your creative imagination becomes alive while paying attention to the state of mind and tone of the storyteller.


3.  Convenience is another big factor to consider.  It isn't easy to be highly mobile in this new world by going around holding a hardbound or a paperback.  Delivering content to your iPod or portable MP3 player and playing your audio books on demand is one heck of a great way to pass the more menial tasks of your day.


4.  While you can always go back and find that favorite chapter in a written book, I think you will concur that audio recorded books are a great resource as you can play and replay them as frequently as you want. 


5.  If you live in a "not-so-spacious" home or if you occupy a small apartment or dorm room, audiobooks also free up space for other essentials by ridding yourself of those thick hard bound books.  Audiobooks sure are small!


6. Busy people, people on the go, and those whose lives seem to revolve around book reading find that audiobooks are a great alternative in this ever changing and fast paced world.


7. For all you late-night book readers, spare your eyes from strain and let your pupils have a "night off" without compromising your nightly routine.

Save time and money and still enjoy the books you want.  Let's face it, audiobooks are here to stay and, ten years from now, you will wonder why you never thought of this before.

By the way, if you have a book you have written that needs a producer please let me know - Email me here

Audiobook Narrator Brian Daniel YoungBrian Daniel Young is (among other things) an audiobook producer, voice over actor, and businessman.  Feel free to contact him at his blog or via his profile on - you can also just Google his name and you will find more than you ever wanted to know about him.

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Audiobooks: Top 7 Reasons to Create an Audiobook Today

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  1. These are all great reasons to create an audio version of your book!

    To this wonderful article, I would like to add that it is critical that the quality of of your recording reflect the same high standards that you put into writing, editing and publishing your book.

    You want to make ensure that your writing is presented in the most professional manner possible!

    Rachel Simeone
    Book Marketing Coach

    1. All great points Rachel. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hello.




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